How to take screen video record your Android phone

Let’s start to know how to take screen video record your smartphone

Let’s start to know how to take a screen video to record your smartphone to make a video lesson or gameplay recorder. And also we can take a screen video recorder to make a video and join the YouTube creator program.
Nowadays people around the world share their knowledge with each other through the web every day by creating and posting any useful content to the internet. A lot of lessons, help topics, and tutorials are available on the website and social network platform. So you can read them or watch the video tutorial whenever you need to know something in your life.

Today I would like to talk about a way to create a video on your mobile phone. So you can now create your useful video to share about something you know to the world. And also you can also earn revenue from your content too. Overmore, I appreciate sharing my experience about how to take screen video record on your android phone in this post. As you see my video in my previous post about how to install an app. So today, I will tell to what application that I used and how I do that.

Mobizen screen recorder for Android Phone
Mobizen screen recorder for Android Phone

Installing screen video record app for Android phone

click here to gog to playstore

There is a lot of free and paid screen video recorder app for Android phone in the Google Play Store. In this post, I will show you only an app that I used it. It’s Mobizen Screen Recorder. This app completely free and you can take screen video recorder in high quality with this app. Now let’s start how to download it, and also I will show you about how to use this app step by step below:

Download Mobizen Recorder or search for Search for it on Google Play Store by Keyword “Mobizen Recorder.” and then click Install.

The benefit of your created video content

You can create the video tutorial about the gameplay trick for the viewer and post it to youtube or your website. And also you can monetize it and earn money from it. And also you can learn more about Earn money online with your YouTube account in my previous post. Also, you can provide more explicitly about your explanation of your article for a blog post by giving a video tutorial. Over more high-quality video content can provide you many beneficial following:

  • When you post your high-quality video on YouTube, then you will earn the YouTube subscriber. And also the more your video popular the ore income you will get.
  • When you post your high-quality video on your Facebook page, then you will get many post engagement such as Like, Comment and Share. And also your Facebook fan will grow quickly.
  • When you take a lesson or any tutorial topic, your video can make ready to understand the instruction in your topic.


You can take screen video record to share something to the world and you can get the benefit from it too. I hope that this post can help you to do a new thing that useful for the world. Please subscribe to my blog to get a new post by email automatically. You may also share your experience in this post or you have furthermore help please leave your comment below.

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