Download Khmer TV apps on Google Play services download

You can make your phone more enjoyable and do useful things with many free apps that available for free on Google Play Services Download.

Nowadays, smart devices and computers are very improved. The smartphones do not only allow you to make a call or connecting people via Social services like Facebook, LinkedIn, but you can do many great things with your phone. And also there are many useful apps that amiable for free on Google Play Services Download. For example, you can use the smartphone to find the location that you want to be there.

Moreover, when you are taking the bus or train you can use your phone to measure the speed that it’s a very cool feature. Especially, if you are working in the real estate field you can use your smartphone to measure the land or house area very easily. And also there many TV cable companies that offer free live TV app for free for their uses. So you can enjoy those free basic services of the TV cable company as well.
Now let me show you some app that can help your smartphone more enjoyable for free on Google Play Services Download.

Khmer TV app by PPCTV and Mekong Net for smartphones and computers.

There are many official Khmer TV apps for phone and PC that offer by the Telecommunication Companies in Cambodia. You may be able to watch Khmer TV channel right on your smartphone or your computer with PPCTV anywhere apps by PPCTV Co., LTD. that available both for Android OS and iOS. And also if you want to watch Khmer TV on your computer you can download Mekong TV the offer by Mekong Net Company. Overmore, The Khmer TV add-on for Kodi that allows you to watch Khmer TV on your computer. And also I have written the post about Download free tv show streaming software for computer. Moreover, you can read more about Khmer live online TV app for the smartphone.

Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC
Khmer Live TV online app on Windows PC

Moreover, Kodi is available for Linux and Mac OS too.

Download Kodi live TV 
Download Khmer add on for Kodi
Download-Kodi Plugin Video Khmer add-on for Mac OS
You can Download Khmer add on for Kodi from Khmer Open Source Project on Please wait a few second the download will start automatically. 

Watch TV online on your computer

Learn more about how the video how to install Kodi and Khmer Tv add-on on Windows

Video tutorial about how to install Kodi and Khmer Addon on Mac OS

And also you can get the Khmer TV software for the computer from the official tv company website.

Download Khmer TV for Computer by MekongNet
Screenshot: Download free software Kodi and install Khmer add-on to be able life some of free Khmer TV channel
You can download Khmer TV apps for your smartphone from official Google Play Services Download from the link below.
Download Khmer TV app for Android phone
Download Khmer TV app for iOS, iPhone, and iPad

You can download Mekong TV app by going to the Mekong Net official website. And also you need to sign up for an account to use the Mekong TV app on your computer. Moreover, The Mekong TV app for Windows PC will allow you to watch some of the free Khmer TV channel so if you would like to watch full services of Khmer TV you may need to subscribe to their services.
Download Mekong TV

watch live TV
watch live TV

Troubleshoot the error while installing Kodi app on your computer

You may have the problem while installing Kodi app on your computer that running Windows 7. So I will show you how to fix it here.

  1. You have completed installation both KODI and Khmer add-on, but Khmer add-on does not work. It is a common issue when you completed in KODI and Khmer add-on but still can not watch free tv show streaming with the Khmer channel. It can cause you to install KODI, and you run the KODI before you installed Khmer add-on. You can fix the problem by uninstalling KODI with remove all user data and then install it again. Please keep in mind that you must not run KODI until you have installed the Khmer add-on.
  2. I can not install KODI and see the message “api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer“. The problem can cause you are running Windows 7 non-service pack. You can fix this issue to update your Windows to Windows 7 service pack 1. You may also download service pack 1 for Windows 7 here. Please read here to learn more how to update your Windows 7.After you completed update your Windows please install Update for Windows 7 (KB2999226) get the file missing ” api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll“. What you completed all listing above, please click on set up KODI again.

Additional option

Moreover, if you see message error “api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer” on Windows 8 or Windows 10, it causes your computer lost update (KB2999226). You can go to the official Microsoft Download page and select the right current version of Windows that your using.

installing kodi error
Installing Kodi error

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