Official Khmer Live TV app for PC, Phone, and Mac

You can download available official free live tv app of a Television station company to enjoy watching live TV right on your devices.

Today, let’s look for an app that allows us to watch live tv on PC, phone, and Mac. It’s Kodi app that we can install on laptops, tablets, phones, MacBook, desktop, etc. After installing the app on your devices, you will watch some of the fee public Khmer TV channels except subscription TV cable channel.

Many television stations provide lives streaming their TV channel on their website or app. Besides watching Khmer TV on your television, you can download an official TV station app or visit their website to watch live TV on your devices.

You can also install the Official app of Cable Television company like PPCTV anywhere, Mekong Net, SingMeng Telemedia, and so on to enjoy watching Khmer Live TV right on your PC or phone.

Now let’s see how to download and install Kodi and Khmer TV add-on on a device. To download Ko-di, you can go to their official website and choose your device’s correct version. After installing the Ko-di app, please download the Khmer TV add-on and save it anywhere you like. You can add an add on to Ko-di app by following step by step that I show you in the video tutorial.

PPCTV Anywhere

PPCTV Anywhere is a mobile tv app by Phnom Penh Municipal Cable TV (PPCTV (PPCTV) that available for Android and iOS. It is the first company to provide Cable TV service and broadband Internet in Cambodia. You can learn more about the PPCTV app feature by visiting the PPCT official website here. You can install the app from the Google Play store for android phones and the app store for the iOS phone.

Get PPCTV Anywhere app from: Google Play Store | App Store

PPCTV Anywhere
PPCTV Anywhere app on Android smartphone.

OneTV Plus

OneTV Plus is a mobile tv app that allows you to watch the live program of OneTV Cambodia. Using OneTV Plus app, you will enjoy a broader range of programs, including lifestyle, education, sports, entertainment, news, and kids. This app is also available for Android and iOS users. If you are an Android phone user, you get it from the play store, and if you are an Apple iOS phone user like iPhone or iPad, you get it to form the App store. And also, you can learn more about the OneTV Cambodia products and services that you may like by visiting their website here.

Get OneTV Plus app from: Google Play Store | App Store

OneTV Plus app
OneTV Plus app on Android smartphone

Turning your PC to be a media live stram device.

Nowadays, the community releases a lot of open-source application for Windows PC to allow you to stream any media on your computer. And also, Kodi is one of the open-source media live to stram applications that available for most platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

Visit the Ko di website to download.

Download Khmer TV add-on for Ko di

Live tv app

The live tv app for Windows PC.

Some TV cable company in Phnom Penh provide Live TV online or their website like Mekong Net that you can check out here. Like many other TV cable services and telecommunications companies, Mekong Net also provides internet provider services (ISP) and Could server, and web hosting services. Especially, Mekong net company also offers a PC application called Mekong TV that will allow you to watch some of their free live tv channels right on your PC. You may also learn more about their app, services, and products by visiting their website here.

Download Mekong TV

Mekong TV Windows Application
Mekong TV free live TV on their website.


Many telecommunication companies offer free live TV apps that allow you to watch their TV channel right to your devices. Some of the companies provide combo services that you can get TV cable and internet services simultaneously. Besides, you can choose their premium service subscription; you may also enjoy their free live tv app or on their website. Thank you very much for visiting the blog today. Please subscribe to my blog to get more articles about the Khmer app review via email.