How to convert font Limon to font Khmer Unicode on Microsoft Word

Convert font Limon to font Khmer Unicode

When you have the problem with typing font Limon. You can now use the easiest method by convert font Limon to font Khmer Unicode by Pan collocation for Microsoft Word add-on.

For someone who works in a field office administrator or secretary for another company or public sector that responsible for documentation, especially who is typing the document. They will meet the different type of Khmer font used in the document. If they work with the older document that typed around the 1990s to 2010s, They will meet Khmer Limon font typed in that file. Nowadays, many people or students don’t know how to type Khmer Limon font. Because the Khmer Limon font typing skill has not included in the study computer program at the school in Cambodia anymore. And Today the Limon font was substituted with a new technology font type called Khmer Unicode font instead.

What is the problem when someone needs to make change the older document that typed in Khmer Limon font while they can’t retype any character in Limon font? I think they may retype the whole document again in font Khmer Unicode. That they have learned at school. So this is not a better solution because it takes time. Now I would like to share my experience with a better solution with document used Limon font.

The solution is you can convert font Limon font the font Khmer Unicode by Microsoft Word add-on. By using Microsoft Word add-on to convert font Limon to Khmer Unicode font, Khmer Unicode is very easy to use. And also with this processing, you still can keep the original style of your document such as Layout, heading, font appearance and so on.
Today, I would like to show you step by step to install the Microsoft Word plugin that allows you to convert font Limon to Khmer Unicode and how to use that option. So please follow me step by step as below:

Note: this option may work with Microsoft Windows 32bit only.

Step 1: Download Pan Collocation Package for Microsoft Office word here. And then extract it into your preferred folder directory.

Pan collocation Package
Pan collocation Package download page

Step 2: Click “setup.exe” and follow the setup instruction. When the installation completed click “Finish”.

installing Pan Cambodia
Click on “setup.exe” to install Pan

When you finish the setup, you will see the Pan add-on in your Microsoft Word Add-on tab, and you can start to convert your document.
Now I would like to show how to use this plugin. Once you finish the Pan Collocation you Microsoft Word Toolbar. Whit this add-in provide you many options to work with Khmer’s letter. And I will show you in another post. Now let’s take a look Khmer conversation tab in the ADD-INS section.

PAN Cambodia Add-in
Pan Cambodia Microsoft Word Add-in toolbar and Pan Conversation Option Dialog Box.

To start to convert your document from Limon font to font Khmer Unicode, please open the file in Word format .doc, .docx and then go to the ADD-INS tab in the toolbar and then select Khmer Conversation tab. If you want to change the file location to your new Word document in Khmer Unicode font. And just click on button convert to Khmer Unicode and wait a while for processing.

When the conversation completed you get a new document in Khmer Unicode font. But everything just the same such as Layout, and Font’s appearance.

To know more clearly about the installation process, please watch the video tutorial below. And if you have any questions, please leave the comment below.

How to convert font Lemon to font Khmer Unicode: 

You may also Download font Khmer Unicode for Adobe Photoshop here.


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