Best Khmer Keyboard for your new Android phone

Best Khmer Keyboard for the new Android phone that did not come with Khmer Keyboard by default.

Which is Khmer Keyboard is the best?

When you buy a new Android phone powered by a new Android OS, and it does not have Khmer Keypad by default, so you need to install it by yourself. The new Android OS supported to read the Khmer Language by default. But It’s not all phone models come with Khmer Keypad. I think maybe the only smartphone that produced for Cambodian Market that has pre-installed Khmer Keypad. So if you buy a smartphone that is not for sale in Cambodia Market you may install Khmer Keyboard by yourself. You can find a lot of Khmer Keyboard on Google Play Store.

Today I would like to share my experience with which is the best Khmer Keypad for your Android smartphone. As I have installed Khmer Keyboard for my Android phone much time with the deference version from another developer in Google Play, I found that only Google Keyboard is perfect for my phone. Why? Google Keyboard is the best for your smartphone because some Khmer Keyboard app does not support all phone model. And also some of the Khmer Keyboard does not display all Khmer characters. So I think that it’s not easy to use. But when I install Google Keyboard, I got a great Khmer Keypad on my phone. It looks great and easy to find all Khmer letters on the Keypad.

Khmer Keyboard installing tutorial

The great thing that I wonder if Google Keyboard does not only provide a Khmer Keypad, but Google provides an excellent write pad in the Khmer Language on the Keyboard. With the writing pad, you can write a Khmer letter by handwriting and then your phone interprets it into Khmer text. I’ve never seen any system provide this fantastic feature ever.

Installing Google Keyboard and configuration on your Android smartphone

When your phone did not have Khmer Keypad, you can try Google Keyboard now. In this post, I will show you how to install that Google Keyboard. So please follow me step by step as below:

Step 1: go to Google Play in your Android smartphone and search for “Google Keyboard”. Please select the top one from your search result. You may also download Google Keyboard by click here.

Download Google Keyboard on Google Play Store

Searching Google Keyboard
Searching Google Keyboard on Google Play Store

Step 2: Please select the “Google keyboard” to install. To install this app, please tap on the Install tab and accept the license agreement. Please wait until your installation complete. And then you will see “Google Keyboard” on your phone screen.

Installing Google Keyboard
Google Keyboard installing process

Step 3: Now you have Google Keyboard that installed on your phone. Let’s continue to setup the Khmer Keyboard. On your phone app menu, select the Google Keyboard app. Let’s open it and follow this step. Change Language and input to Google Keyboard. Please follow the instruction on your phone screen. And then Tab on Google Keyboard to select more available keyboard. Please scroll down to enable Khmer Keyboard. After you enable Khmer Keyboard, you will be able to type Khmer text on your phone as well.

Configuration Khmer Keyboard
Please following the instructions Khmer Keyboard Configuration in Google Keyboard.installation complete.

After you completed the configuration you will see Khmer Keypad available on your phone keyboard. This keyboard is very easy to use, and it will show all Khmer characters. I think you may take some time to adapt to typing this Keyboard. After you use this keyboard for a few days you will enjoy it.


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