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A dictionary is very important for a student who studying a language such as English Khmer, Khmer-English or Khmer Dictionary. For self-study learners, a dictionary could help them to be the right pronunciation of the word. And also they can understand what proportion of speech. Whether a verb, noun-adjective or a combination of all these. Especially, it could

be guided on how a particular word is used. Moreover, they can use a dictionary to correct spelling. Linguistically speaking, there is no doubt that a dictionary might help us to know the proper spelling of words. In this regard, it will guide us in the writing of a word or sentence.

With this post, you can find many versions of the English-Khmer Dictionary, Khmer-English Dictionary, and Khmer Dictionary that compatible with your phone or computer or web base. you can download a dictionary below:

1- Electronic Choun Nath Dictionary

Electronic Choun Nath Dictionary is a Khmer dictionary developed by the Buddhist Institute of Cambodia and correctly it has released version 2.1. this version should work on 32 bit and 64-bit version of Windows. This electronic dictionary could help you easily to find the mean of Khmer word

Electronic Choun Nath Dictionary
Electronic Choun Nath Dictionary screenshot.

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2- Orkida Dictionary

Orchids Dictionary is a longer age of English to the Khmer dictionary sine Windows 2000, but this dictionary still running well with new version of Windows. Orchids Dictionary also a portable version so you just download a dictionary and click on it so you can use it.

Orkida Dictionary
Orchids Dictionary

You can download this dictionary by download link below:

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3- SBBIC Khmer to English Dictionary

SABIC’s free Khmer to English dictionary developed by Society For Better Book in Cambodia,  that includes more than 36,000 words and phrases to help you as you translate and learn Khmer and English. This version of SBBIC Khmer to English dictionary for Windows platform. you can download and run this dictionary on your computer this version also supports one-click to run so will no need to install just click on it to use it.

To download this dictionary please go to the author download page:

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